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503 Presentations: Slide Shows and Other Resources

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Post your slides and other resources here. Here's how:

  1. Go to ,Page Tools (on the right of this screen)
  2. Click on "Images and files"
  3. Click on "Upload Files"
  4. Find the file on your computer and click "open".
    This adds it to the list of files, but does not add it to this page yet. 
  5. Click on Edit, above.
  6. Click on "Add Link" in the tool bar above (right side, second row)
  7. Click on "Browse Pages and Files"
  8. Find your file in the list and click "Insert Link"
  9. Add your topic, your name, and any notes you'd like to have. 
  10. Click on "Save" below. 





Example: Word of the day2.pptx This is the PowerPoint about Eleemysonary, by Ken Wyman.


Fund503Presente_FChow.pptx Frankie Chow - How Charities & not-for-profits can utilize Public Relations.

503-Vicarioustrauma-LeahGardiner.pptx Leah Gardiner - Vicarious Trauma PP plus notes.

503 Presentation Welbourn.doc

503 Presentation Welbourn.ppt Dave Welbourn - Diligent Donor Selection

503 presentation.pptx  Margaux Smith-Online Crowd Fundraising

FUND 506 News Presentation.pptx Samantha Banks- Social Media

GivingPledge.pptx Stefanie Katotakis-The Giving Pledge

 Do Your Thing.pptx  Sarah Muir 503 presentation.pptx

PSA.pptx Malinda DenBok - Shock Value

503 Presentation Charity.pptx  Julia Falbo- Charity Fraud: To Give or not To Give...

PoliticalFundraising.pptx- Ashley Renaud- Political Fundraising

Fundraising and the media.zip Vanessa Kalisz - Fundraising and the media

kristy - 503 presentation.pptx - Kristy Williams- Bill C-470

FUND 503 Presentation .ppt - Nora MacLeod - Celebrity Endorsements

503 Presentation.Websites.Jewell.pptm - Good Charity Website Features by Heather Jewell

503 Neuromarketing Presentation.pptx -- Brain-Based Giving: Fundraising and Neuromarketing, by Erin Cook

fundraising and gaming.pptx - Mariko Kojima

 Presentation CSR Report and The 3BL Model.potx Leanne Price

Corporate Volunteers.pptx Lauren Dzenis

503-Presentations-FundraisingYouth.pptx -- Fundraising: Youth Can Do It Too! by Teresa Cheng

Fiona MacAlpine's using PMHF fundraising techniques.ppt -Fiona MacAlpine

Presentation Nov 18.ppt-On line Advocacy & Call to Action by Mahnoosh Eslahi

Presentation - Strateigic Philanthropy.pptx  Katie Nestor

FUND503Presentation-MUSICO.pptx Christi Musico

Eco-Terrorism Presentation(1).pptx Luke Inglis

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