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Cynthia Foster said

at 7:49 pm on Sep 7, 2010

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know about a FREE (we all love FREE) computer program. It's called openoffice. It apparently works like Microsoft Office but doesn't cost anything. I'm giving it a try based on a recommendation from a close family friend. You can download it at download.openoffice.org.
Hope this helps some of you out.

Frankie Chow said

at 9:18 pm on Sep 7, 2010

I used this program for awhile now, it is great for converting word documents into PDf files. I am sure there are many other uses but that is what I usually use it for. Thanks.


Dave Welbourn said

at 10:50 pm on Sep 7, 2010

Dave Welbourn said

at 10:51 pm on Sep 7, 2010

Interesting... You can add comments without actually typing anything. My mistake. Also, hello everybody!

Cynthia Foster said

at 8:46 pm on Sep 9, 2010

Hey Everyone!
Is anyone looking for another group member for Marketing and Communications Assignment 1 and/or 2? I need a group, or two! Send me an email at cynthiafoster9@gmail.com or talk to me in class tomorrow!


Ashley Boucher said

at 12:19 pm on Sep 11, 2010

Hi everyone.

I'm still looking for a group to join for FUND 506 (Annual Giving and Campaigns). If there is a 3 person group out there please let me know. I know this deadline is coming up soon...

andrea mcgrath said

at 2:54 pm on Sep 12, 2010

Hey all,
One of our projects is to volunteer for an event and write a report. Here is an opportunity to volunteer for an allnite art event for a 2 hour shift.
Saturday Oct 2nd

Keely Morandin said

at 6:30 pm on Sep 16, 2010

Hi All!

It was nice to finally meet everyone in class today. As some of you know i've been sick and unable to attend class until today.
With that said I am desperately searching to join a group for the Outcomes Definitions assignment. If anyone is willing to invite me into
their group I would greatly appreciate it:)

Samantha Banks said

at 5:11 pm on Sep 20, 2010

Friends!!!! use doodle.com for all your meeting and group dates its amazing!

Cynthia Foster said

at 11:26 am on Sep 22, 2010

Hey Everyone!
I've uploaded a file for estimating costs. It's in the file section.

Leah Gardiner said

at 7:10 pm on Sep 23, 2010

Hey Everyone!
I'm wondering if there are any other suggestions for sites like "Digg"....is this referred to as an RSS? With all this social media flying around, I need it to go to one place.

Cynthia Foster said

at 9:22 pm on Sep 29, 2010

I'm sure that video about Nestle that we watched in ethics affected more people than just me. How do you all feel about this: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/525722 .

Cynthia Foster said

at 5:39 pm on Oct 14, 2010

Caela Berry said

at 10:53 am on Oct 21, 2010

Hey everyone,
I uploaded the document I created for those who need voting tips and had trouble opening the attachment I sent.

Caela Berry said

at 10:58 am on Nov 12, 2010

Interesting article in today's Toronto Star.

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